Why Save the Scifi?

We’ve seen too many sci-fi books that are out of print, out of circulation, and, worst of all (given the subject matter) unavailable in any digital format. Meaning, as of now, these books may never be seen in the future imagined in their pages. That’s just not right.

So here’s what we’re going to do: Each month we’ll choose one great classic, obscure or otherwise fascinating sci-fi book that’s no longer in print and not available online, track down the copyright holder and/or author (if they’re still around), acquire or otherwise clear the copyright, and publish the title both online and as an e-book, for little or no cost. Our supporters and followers will help us choose which books will be digitally rescued from copyright and publishing limbo via a monthly poll on our website, and we'll share the story behind the story, including with each ebook what we learned about the book, the author and their history along the way. 

This is part adventure, part detective story, and part story about the intersection of the past and the future.  So as we dig into a particular book, and pull on the various threads that we need to to make sure we can share it without taking something that isn't ours, we end uncovering the story of that book.  That means that as part of each release, we plan on sharing that story, telling you what we learn about the book, it's author, it's history, and the adventure we had bringing it to you. 

Rescuing beloved, forgotten, fondly remembered, out-of-print and otherwise lost sci-fi books by bringing them into the digital domain is more than a labor of love - it’s our way of celebrating visions of futures past that shaped the way we live now.  And it’s all in a day’s work for your average, ordinary, time-traveling bookshop. Please help us bring the past and future together - Singularity loves company.

When we started this site, and this publishing company, we began with what we knew and loved best: SciFi. Specifically old-school, vintage, pulpy SciFi. Our initial Kickstarter campaign was so successful, and demand was so great (and we had so much fun) that we've now expanded to include Save the Adventure--and hey, we might expand again. But we never want anyone to feel that they can't find what they came here for, or forget that we started out at SavetheSciFi.com, which is the link that probably brought you here to the new and improved Singularity.co


When you become a Save the SciFi supporter, you get 12 SciFi ebooks a year, and help us in our ongoing mission to preserve vintage books for the future that they helped imagine. We hope you enjoy, and thank you again for your incredible support. We can't do it without you.

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